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(2) Any Soldier of the Individual Ready Reserve, Inactive National Guard, or the Standby or Retired Reserve whose active duty service was for training only, or to serve on boards, courts, commissions, and like organizations. (a) "Active duty" means full-time duty in the active military service of the United States. ), (7) Army of Occupation of Japan between 3 September 1945 and 27 April 1952 in the four main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, the surrounding smaller islands of the Japanese homeland, the Ryukyu Islands, and the Bonin-Volcano Islands. 800-829-4833, Veterans Crisis Line: (8) The MOVSM is not authorized for award to foreign personnel. It is awarded for service for 30 consecutive days at a normal post of duty (as contrasted to inspector, visitor, courier, escort, passenger, TDY, or detached service) while assigned to any of the following: (1) Army of Occupation of Germany (exclusive of Berlin) between 9 May 1945 and 5 May 1955. No two awards will be made for service in the same designated area (see para 68 for further information on the bronze service star). All requests for award of the POW Medal for past armed conflicts will be initiated by former POWs, or their primary next of kin, using a personal letter. 1. Designated contingency operations are outlined in table 61. The NDSM was established by EO 10448, 22 April 1953, as amended by EO 11265, 11 January 1966; EO 12776, 18 October 1991, as amended by EO 13293, 28 March 2003 and Secretary of Defense Memorandum, dated 26 April 2002; and EO 13293, dated 28 March 2003. It is awarded to all Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States serving in Vietnam and its contiguous waters or airspace there over, after 3 July 1965 through 28 March 1973. ; Kuwait Liberation Medal Awarded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for direct participation in Operation Desert Storm between January 17, 1991 . Servicemembers must be bona fide members of a unit participating in or be engaged in the direct support of the operation for 30 consecutive days in the area of operations (or for the full period when an operation is less than 30 days duration) or for 60 nonconsecutive days provided this support involved entering the area of operations or and meets one or more of the following criteria: (1) Be engaged in actual combat, or duty, which is equally as hazardous as combat duty, during the operation with armed opposition, regardless of time in the area. The Gulf Medal is cupro-nickel and 36 millimetres (1.4 in) in diameter, with the following design: A 3/16-inch silver star denotes the sixth award. (4) Award of the AFSM is not authorized for participation in national or international exercises. The ARCOTR was established by the SECARMY on 11 July 1984 as announced in DAGO 199015. ), (6) Army of Occupation of Italy between 9 May 1945 and 15 September 1947 in the compartment of Venezia Giulia E. Zara or Province of Udine or with a unit in Italy as designated in DAGO 19474. The ribbon was created to recognize the unique and demanding nature of sea service and the arduous duty attendant with such service deployments. Service rendered in the act or operation being considered must meet the following criteria: (1) The area of operations shall consist of such water, land, and air space as defined by the operational commander; (2) Personnel must be attached to a participating unit and be present for not less than 21 non-consecutive days during the period the unit is engaged in the special operation or serve for the full period if the operation is less than 21-days duration; (3) Personnel must be engaged in direct support of an operation for 21 consecutive days, or for the total operation if less than 21 days. It is awarded for service in both the Womens Army Auxiliary Corps between 10 July 1942 and 31 August 1943 and the Womens Army Corps between 1 September 1943 and 2 September 1945. 2. Attention A T users. For Gulf War Veterans, these presumptive diseases include: Learn more about VA benefits for Gulf War Veterans: Gulf War Veterans may still seek to establish service connection individually for other, "non-presumptive" diseases and illnesses related to service in the Gulf War. Hostages of terrorists and persons detained by governments with which the United States is not engaged actively in armed conflict are not eligible for the medal. Operation Desert Storm Map Patch. The AFEM may be authorized for the following three categories of operations: (2) U.S. operations in direct support of the United Nations (UN). To David Cline, a New Jersey organizer of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the orange ribbon symbolizes "that the war is senseless and unneccessary." It carried the opposite meaning to another . (1) The eastern boundary is coincident with the western boundary of the American Theater (see para 515). $9.60. (4) No more than one MOVSM will be awarded to any Servicemember. Service Medal was awarded pursuant to Executive Order 12985 (61 FR . U.S. service (campaign) medals and serviceand training ribbons authorized for wear on the uniform are listed below, in their order of precedence. Such term does not include full-time National Guard duty per 10 USC 101(22) (see para 222f(5)). . (3) The approval of battle stars by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is authority for the SAC in the combat theater to approve campaign participation credit (see para 718). ), (5) Army of Occupation of Berlin between 9 May 1945 and 2 October 1990. (2) Service for the prescribed period with a unit, which has been designated in DAGOs as having met the requirement for the Berlin Airlift device. Procurement, issuance, and manner of wear. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection, Training - Exposure - Experience (TEE) Tournament, Outreach, Transition and Economic Development Home, Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC), Staff Appraisal Reviewer (SAR) Information, How to Apply for Nonsupervised Automatic Authority, VALERI (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface). In Stock. In Stock. Watch gulf war and millions of other Ravenfield videos on Medal, the largest Game Clip Platform. Description. Iraq Op Telic Ribbon Bar. For service performed on or after 1 July 1949, a member must accumulate, during each anniversary year, a minimum of 50 retirement points as prescribed in AR 135180. The ICM is authorized by PL108234, 28 May 2004 and EO 13363, 29 November 2004, as amended by EO 13289, 12 March 2003. (d) While serving as judge of a court of record of the United States, or of any State, territory, possession, or the District of Columbia. (3) Service in a Regular Component of the Armed Forces, including the USCG, is excluded except that service in a RC which is concurrent in whole or in part with service in a Regular Component will be included. (b) Officer or enlisted evaluation reports. (4) Humanitarian operations for which some (or all) participants are awarded the HSM, which continue beyond the period of immediate relief, may be recognized by award of the AFSM. Only one award of the GWOTSM may be authorized to any individual; therefore, second and subsequent awards will not be awarded. (5) Any person, including citizens of foreign nations, not fulfilling any of the above qualifications, but whoparticipates in or has participated in a U.S. expedition in Antarctica at the invitation of a participating U.S. agency. Soldiers who served in the Far East Theater during the occupation of the Far East will wear the Clasp inscribed "Japan." Escapees who do not return to U.S. military control and are recaptured by an enemy do not begin a new period of captivity for subsequent award of the POW Medal (see para 68 for further information on the bronze service star). The Army of Occupation Medal was established by War Department General Orders 32, 1946. Award approval authorities are as follows: (1) The Secretary of Defense is the approval authority for recommendations of the HSM originating within aDefense agency. TheASA (M&RA) has the authority to disapprove recommendations for the HSM being forwarded to the SECARMY. To access the menus on this page please perform the following steps. The ASDR may be awarded retroactively to those personnel who were credited with service as defined in paragraph 57b after 1 August 1952, the activation date of the first heavy boat company in the Transportation Corps. The ribbon has a wide center stripe of red, flanked on either side by a narrow stripe of light blue, thin stripe of dark blue, narrow stripe of light blue with a stripe of red at the edge. Cases involving questionable character of service or misconduct during captivity will be processed through the receiving command channels to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRCPDPA), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 401225408 for coordination with the Repatriation and Family Affairs Division and final decision by the SECARMY. To be eligible for additional awards, service must be rendered in more than one designated area and period of service. Free shipping for many products! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ERII GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL CSM GULF CLASP FULL SIZE & RIBBON + BOX COPY at the best online prices at eBay! . The World War II Victory Medal was established by an Act of Congress 6 July 1945 (59 Stat 461). (2) Servicemembers may be awarded both the GWOTEM and the GWOTSM if they meet the criteria for bothawards; however, the qualifying period used to establish eligibility for one award cannot be used to justify eligibility for the other award. Operations approved the GWOTEM are provided in paragraph 218d. It is awarded for service between 7 December 1941 and 31 December 1946, both dates inclusive. A Wintered Over clasp is awarded to those who have spent the winter months (March through October) in Antarctica. Direct support is defined as the supply by personnel, vessels, or aircraft, of service and/or supplies and equipment, in sole support of special operations; (4) Personnel must serve at shore-based units specifically recommended by the operational commander as having participated in and significantly contributed to the accomplishment of the operation; or. This medal is classified as a personal service medal; as such, no orders are issued toannounce its approval. When appropriate, the local commander in his or her recommendation may propose specific clarification of designated boundaries based on theintent of the Presidential or Department of State request. Bush on March 12, 1991. Effective 1 July 1987, flight crews of aircraft providing logistics support from outside the Antarctic area may qualify for the award after 15 missions (one flight in and out during any 24-hour period equals one mission). The disability must be one or more of the following: Certain presumptive diseases, which will be considered to have been incurred in or aggravated by service even if there is no evidence of such disease during active service. (2) The KDSM may be awarded posthumously to any Soldier who lost his or her life without regard to length of such service. (2) Is wounded or injured and requires medical evacuation from the area of eligibility while participating in the operation, regardless of time. Because the AFSM may be awarded for a prolonged humanitarian operation, distinction between the AFSM and the HSM must be maintained. The reverse of this medal is struck in two designs for award to personnel whose RC service has been primarily in the organized Reserve or primarily in the National Guard. About 1,500 civilians including American, Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand members of British Aerospace working at Dhahran and Riyadh and Khamis Mushayt also received the medal with the clasp 16th Jan to 28th Feb.[1] Most were recently retired members of their respective country's armed forces. The ARCOTR may be awarded retroactively to those personnel who successfully completed annual training or ADT on foreign soil in a Reserve status prior to 11 July 1984 provided they have an active status as defined above on or after 11 July 1984. High quality Gulf War Ribbon-inspired gifts and merchandise. The AFSM may be authorized for significant U.S. military activities for which no other U.S. campaign or service medal is appropriate, such as: The AFSM may be awarded for U.S. military operations in direct support of the UN or North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and for operations of assistance to friendly foreign nations. For first award only, an individual may be posthumously awarded the ASDR prior to completion of service criteria as defined above, provided the individuals death is ruled in the line of duty. (2) A silver hourglass will be awarded upon completion of the second 10-year-period award. For VA benefit purposes under 38 CFR 3.317, Gulf War service is active military duty in any of the following areas in the Southwest Asia theater of military operations at any time August 2, 1990 to present. . (4) Personnel who serve in operations and exercises conducted in the area of eligibility are considered eligible for the award as long as the basic time criteria is met. In addition, service that meets the requirements for the KSM as prescribed in para 58 will not be counted in determining eligibility for this medal. No Servicemember may be issued both medals for service in Vietnam. Veterans Crisis Line: It may be awarded to Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States and their RCs who, subsequent to 31 December 1992, perform outstanding volunteer community service of a sustained, direct, and consequential nature. For example, if a Reserve officer on active duty list serves 10 active years prior to going Active Army, or also received retirement points for other RC service, which, when added together with their active duty list service adds up to 10 years, then that officer is eligible for the AFRM.). subsequent awards of the car are denoted by 5/16 inch gold/silver stars on the ribbon. Soldiers who retired or were discharged after 1 October 2002 and the next of kin of Soldiers who died after 1 October 2002 will send their requests to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRCPDPA), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 401225408. Go to a VA regional office and have a VA employee assist you. One bronze service star is authorized for each campaign under the following conditions: (1) Assigned or attached to and present for duty with a unit during the period in which it participated in combat. In the same year, the U.S. Defense Department authorized the acceptance and wearing of the Kuwait Liberation Medal by members of the Armed Forces of the United States. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. For subsequent periods of communityservice justifying award of the medal, a bronze service star will be worn on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal. (5) The MOVSM may be awarded posthumously. Service must have been for at least 120 days during the period between 26 June 1948 and 30 September 1949, inclusive, with the following prescribed boundaries of area of Berlin Airlift operations: (1) The northern boundary is the 54th parallel north latitude. Hit enter to expand a main menu option (Health, Benefits, etc). The area of eligibility for the air campaign includes the total land area and airspace of Serbia (including Kosovo), Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and Slovenia; and the waters and airspace of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea north of the 39th north latitude. This design is enclosed by a stylized compass rose with triangles at the points indicating the worldwide nature of the mission of the Air Force. The Kosovo Defense Campaign began on 11 June 1999 to 31 December 2013. Prisoner of War Military Ribbon. Enter your search keyword. (4) Any Servicemember of the Armed Forces of the United States or civilian citizen, national, or resident alien of the United States who serves or has served on a U.S. ship operating south of latitude 60 degrees south in support ofU.S. programs in Antarctica. It was feared that if Saudi Arabia was next, the Iraqi dictator would control more than . Criteria: Participation in, or support of, Operation Desert Storm (1991 Jan-Feb). IRAQI-THE MEDAL FOR BRAVERY . Official Military Ribbons-- provides information and links for Military Ribbons, Military Medals, Military Campaign Streamers, Military Stickers, Military . Naval and air operations during Desert Shield Ribbon: American-European-Pacific Theater. The awarding authority will distribute initial issue quantities; recipients may purchase replacement ribbon bars. (2) For operations in which personnel for only one Service participate, the AFSM will be awarded only if there is no other suitable award available to that Service. Notes: Support must have been performed in theater, e.g., Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Gulf of Oman, etc. The KCM was established by EO 13154, 3 May 2000. (Service between 3 September 1945 and 2 March 1946 will be counted only if the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal was awarded for service before 3 September 1945.). Individuals authorized the ACM must have served in direct support of OEF from 11 September 2001 to 31 December 2014, and Operation FREEDOMs SENTINEL (OFS) from 1 January 2015 to a future date to be determine. Gulf Veteran Lapel Badge. Persian Gulf EARNEST WILL 24 Jul 1987 - 1 Aug 1990 Panama JUST CAUSE 20 Dec 1989 - 31 Jan 1990 Somalia . To signify receipt of a second or subsequent award of the NDSM, a bronze service star will be worn on the Service ribbon by U.S. Army personnel so qualified. operation. Simultaneously, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) announced that the First Sergeant Course was not a recognized element of the NCO Professional Development Training System. (4) For Servicemembers of other Services. (4) The Prisoner of War Medal. Veterans requesting bronze service star approval will send their letter of request, along with a copy of their DD Form 214 or DD Form 215, as well as supporting documents to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRCPDPA), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 401225408. Marine Corps Expeditionary Military Ribbon : China Service . An AGR member who receives orders changing his or her current duty status (legal authority under which he or she performs duty), duty location, or assignment to support a contingency operation is eligible for the award of the M device. Certain illnesses and diseases are "presumed" by VA to be related to your military service in designated areas of Southwest Asia and may entitle you to VA disability compensation benefits. The Kosovo Air Campaign began on 24 March 1999 and ended on 10 June 1999. Name of operation and date or period of operation. For a long time ribbons have been kept as a symbol of remembrance of men and women who served in places far from home. The primary next of kin of eligible POWs who die in captivity may be issued the POW Medal regardless of the length of stay in captivity. The Antarctica Service Medal takes precedence immediately after the KSM. Bush to recognize those military service members who performed duty during the years of the Persian Gulf War between August 2, 1990, and November 30, 1995. Servicemembers must have been assigned, attached, or mobilized to units operating in the area of eligibility for 30 consecutive or for 60 nonconsecutive days, or meet the following criteria: (2) Wounded or injured in the line of duty and requires medical evacuation from the area of eligibility. Outstanding or meritorious performance of nondeployed or remotely located support units and individuals is not justification for award of the AFSM. (c) During tenure of office of member of the legislative body of the United States or of any State, territory, orpossession. Approval authority for award of the MOVSM will be commanders (overseas and CONUS) serving in the rank of AR 600822 25 June 2015 41lieutenant colonel (LTC/O5) or higher. All Soldiers in a training status (basic or advanced individual training) are not eligible for receipt of this award until assigned to their first duty station and meet the requirements in paragraph 219c. It includes duty on theactive duty list, full-time training duty, annual training duty, and attendance, while in the active military service, at a school designated as a Service school by law or by the SECARMY. This means that anyone who served on active duty from August 2, 1990, to present is considered a Gulf War Veteran. For more information on how to apply and for tips on making sure your claim is ready to be processed by VA, visit our How to Apply page. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection, Training - Exposure - Experience (TEE) Tournament, Outreach, Transition and Economic Development Home, Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC), Staff Appraisal Reviewer (SAR) Information, How to Apply for Nonsupervised Automatic Authority, VALERI (VA Loan Electronic Reporting Interface). The CAR is a big deal and I salute you all that have it. The HSM is an individual award, as such, only those individuals who meet the specific requirements in paragraph 222b will be eligible for award of the HSM. To access the menus on this page please perform the following steps. The individual must have been assigned or attached to, and present for duty with, a unit credited with the campaign. Federal Disaster Assistance Control Number. Notwithstanding these limitations, any member of the USCG or the USAR or ARNG Forces of the Armed Forces who, between 1 January 1961 and 14 August 1974, became eligible for award of either the AFEM or the VSM; or between 2 August 1990 and 30 November 1995, became eligible for award of the SWASM will be eligible for award of the NDSM. have hearing loss, The neutral zone between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, Waters of the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea. Ready Reserve enlisted personnel ordered to active duty under 10 USC. This striking medal (pictured below) was designed by the Institute of Heraldry. Persian Gulf War . (1) The GWOTEM may be awarded posthumously. (a) Kosovo Air Campaign. That period of inclusion includes participation in Operations Desert Shield or Desert Storm:[3], Individuals serving in Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Jordan (including the airspace and territorial waters) directly supporting combat operations between January 17, 1991, and April 11, 1991, are also eligible for this award. Therefore, any Veteran who served on active military service for any period from August 2, 1990, to the present meets the wartime service requirement. (Service between 3 September 1945 and 2 March 1946 will be counted only if the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal was awarded for service before 3 September 1945. Southwest Asia Service Medal. No person will be entitled to both awards for Vietnam service. (2) The western boundary is coincident with the eastern boundary of the American Theater (see para 515). (3) Coast Guard operations of assistance for friendly and/or developing nations. Personnel who remain on the Antarctic continent during the winter months will be eligible to wear a clasp or a disc as described below: (1) A clasp with the words "Wintered Over" on the suspension ribbon of the medal. (1) Once the recommendation for an operation has been approved by the appropriate authority as qualifying foraward of the HSM, determination of individual eligibility is delegated to the commander having operational control over the military assistance being provided in the humanitarian act or operation. . Clasps bearing other inscriptions are not authorized. The POW Medal may be awarded posthumously. [6], Service in the Middle East after the liberation of Kuwait was recognised by the General Service Medal (1962) with clasps Kuwait (service in Kuwait between 8 March 30 September 1991) and N. Iraq & S. Turkey (service in Northern Iraq or Southern Turkey between 6 April 17 July 1991). Good Conduct Medals from the other Services follow the Army Good Conduct Medal in order of precedence. The Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon was approved by the Secretary of the Navy in 1981 and made retroactive to August 15, 1974. Korea & Gulf War Medals miniature with ribbons [CAN2] Sponsored. (2) Each year of active or inactive status honorable service prior to 1 July 1949 in any RC listed in AR 135180, will be credited toward award. The Southwest Asia Service Medal (SASM or SWASM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces which was created by order of President George H.W. (a) Authorized by the President of the United States for assistance in the United States (such as a Presidential Emergency Declaration or established contingency plans issued under Presidential authority). Medical evidence of treatment of the claimed disability or illness. Possession of a clasp is denoted by the wearing of a bronze service star on the service ribbon. Military. (2) Any Servicemember on temporary duty (TDY) or temporary active duty to serve on boards, courts, commissions, and like organizations. 2. (3) Accumulates required days service (consecutive or nonconsecutive) while participating as a regularly assigned air crewmember of an aircraft flying sorties into, out of, within, or over the area in direct support of the military operation. You will now be able to tab or arrow up or down through the submenu options to access/activate the submenu links. (3) Servicemembers participating as a regularly assigned aircrew member flying sorties into, out of, within, or over the area of eligibility in direct support of ONS, OEF, OIF, or OND are eligible to qualify for award of the GWOTEM. The POW Medal will only be awarded when the individuals POW status has been officially confirmed and recognized as such by DA. Hussein hoped that Kuwait's oil reserves would help to pay off the massive debt Iraq had accrued in its recent war with Iran, as well as give Iraq significant bargaining power as the gatekeeper to Middle Eastern oil. The MOVSM template is available at tions%20Templates. (1) The GWOTSM may be awarded posthumously. Pershing and Yocom see the ribbons of these songs as symbols of everything from the fraught connection between war and gender norms to indications of the neutrality of people who supported the . Only one award of the Army Service Ribbon is authorized, regardless of whether a Soldier completes both officer and enlisted initial entry training. Examples of adequate supporting documents include but are not limited to: service award, DD Form 1610 (Travel Order), officer or enlisted evaluation reports, memorandum signed by the former BN commander, deployment and redeployment orders (including Soldiers full name), certificates of appreciation, and so forth. The Marine Corps is capping off the Gulf War, with its staggering military buildup but only four days of actual ground combat, with a massive new undertaking--giving out more than 5,000 medals. $9.99. It is awarded for service within the American Theater between 7 December 1941 and 2 March 1946 under any of the following conditions: (1) On permanent assignment outside the continental limits of the United States. It is awarded to all Servicemembers of the Armed Forces of the United States serving in SWA and contiguous waters or airspace there over, on or after 2 August 1990 to 30 November 1995. These conditions include sleep disturbances, psychological or neurological problems, respiratory disorders, muscle and joint pain, abnormal weight loss, heart disease, headache, menstrual disorders, and skin conditions. (7) The MOVSM is categorized as a service medal and, as such, no orders are issued to announce its approval. For the procedures to award the POW Medal for Afghanistan and Iraq see paragraph 29l. The medal's original design is in the public domain. Medal is the #1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. (4) Any period during which Reserve service is interrupted by one or more of the following will be excluded in computing, but will not be considered as a break in the period of 12 years: (a) Service in a Regular Component of the Armed Forces. (2) While engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force. Periods beyond immediaterelief are considered established ongoing operations beyond the initial emergency conditions and these periods are no longer eligible for the HSM. These must be above and beyond routine actions. Upon application, any such Servicemember may be awarded the KCM in lieu of the AFEM or the AFSM, but no person may be awarded more than one of these three medals by reason of service in Kosovo, and no person will be entitled to more than one award of the KCM for the same action, time period or service. This item: Gulf War Military Veteran Shield Patch with Service Ribbon, Helicopter, and Camel Graphics. Now: $27.99. If you are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, (7) HSM recommendations for operations or acts performed outside the continental United States (CONUS) willhave the endorsement of the combatant commander.

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